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Welcome to Joymason Yorkshire terriers!

I am Jocelyne L. Mason and I am the proud and passionate owner of those magnificent Yorkshire terriers. I have been breeding for more than 35 years and I have produced over 60 champions including many International Champions, multi Best in Show winners, Best in Specialty winners, Best Puppy in Show winners and multiple Group and Puppy Group winners. I have received the award as Top Breeder in Canada and one of my females has been Top Female in Canada for 3 running years in limited showing. My yorkies have been top Yorkie in many countries and have made me very proud.  I am just as proud of those beautiful companion puppies that share our client’s home and bed and bring them so much love and pride.

My babies are born and raised in my bedroom for the first 2 months of their life. Then, after receiving their first set of shots, they fully share my home and life, as well as my breakfast and my bed. They are very much loved and spoiled while learning good manners. They are also paper-trained and learn not to bark and how to act for a well behaved yorkie. They are bathed and groomed regularly and enjoy it. They are happy, self-assured, well mannered, sociable, affectionate and cuddly with sound bodies and brilliant temperament. They will be the best companion you can have, while making you so proud with their beauty and stunning appearance and majestic gait.

Our babies are registered, up to date on their vaccinations, tattooed, and fully guaranteed against congenital or hereditary problems. We stand behind them for their whole life and they are always welcome home. Our companion puppies are all sold with a non-breeding agreement.

Be it 2 pounds or 6 pounds, be it a companion or a top show prospect, our client’s satisfaction is our primary concern and our best guaranty!





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